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Making Reporting Easy with The Dude: Top 5 Event Management Reports

Grace Flack
  • Mar 27, 2019
  • 4 minute read

We're back with another top 5 reports in our Making Reporting Easy series, focusing on the reports our clients use to gain insight and save time and money.

Whether it’s Boy or Girl Scouts meetings or wellness classes or athletic events, your facility is a great place for your larger community to meet and grow together. But that often comes with a cost of your time and resources being used to host, schedule, set up for and clean up after these events. 

Whether you’re using events at your facility as a revenue source or not, it’s important to be tracking them and their impact on your staff and resources to ensure you’re operating efficiently and not losing money. 

These top five event reports or stats pulled from our event management software can help you get a better handle on who is using your facilities, when, why and what it’s costing you.


1. Number of Events by Month

What are our busy months for hosting events?

What It Shows: This report shows the amount of events per month per year, so you can see where there are trends in your facility events.  

Why It Matters: See trends and seasonality in the events you’re hosting based on the month, as well as plan ahead for busier or slower times. 

Learn about reducing risk when hosting events in this podcast. 


2. Number of Event Hours

How many hours are our facilities being used for events? 

What It Shows: This report breaks down which hours in the day events are being hosted during. It can also include the amount of event hours that are being invoiced to help you keep up with costs compared to how much you might be giving away for free. 

Why It Matters: This can give you insight into how many events are being hosted during operating hours vs. after-hours vs. the weekend and help you better schedule or add resources to cover event needs. Data like this could be what you take to supervisors or administrators to prove your need for changing from a free community use of your facilities to a revenue-based system. 


3. Invoiced vs. Paid & % of Invoice Amount Collected

What outstanding invoices do we have and how much do we still need to collect?

What It Shows: See what event invoices are invoiced and paid, as well as how much is paid on each one. 

Why It Matters: Keep a pulse on outstanding payments, as well as what type of revenue will be coming in, with this comprehensive view of where your event invoices stand. You can also use this report to see how quickly people send and pay invoices to adjust processes accordingly. 

See how de Toledo High School manages 3,000+ outside events a year with $350,000 in revenue. 


4. Usage By Organization & Type

What types of events are we hosting?

What It Shows: See a breakdown of all the different types of facility events, internal, external, nonprofit, for profit, etc., as well as what organization is requesting them. 

Why It Matters: Better understand who is using your facilities and why to see how you can improve utilization or your marketing efforts. 

Watch this short video to see our event management solution in action. 


5. Service Provider

What types of services are most popular during events in our facilities?

What It Shows: See what services have been provided most during events, whether that’s food services, security, custodial, AV support or IT services. You can also drill-down into what services were invoiced and are good revenue generators for your organization. 

Why It Matters: This can give you an overall view of what type of services you’re providing the most with facility events, as well as help you see if your cost recovery plan makes sense for the resources you’re extending.  

“If you want answers to any of these questions about utilization of your facilities, if you want to be super efficient, if you want all this stuff in one place, if you want to get out of the paper business, what’s taking you so long?” -Keisha Johnson Cabrera, Miami-Dade Public School District 

These types of reports could provide the data you need to: 

  • Add resources or staff to help with events 

  • Organize your process for revenue generation around events in your facilities 

  • Better plan your facility events calendar and get your team on the same page around the schedule 

  • Understand how to best promote your facilities and/or events to the public and your internal users 

See the top work and asset  and energy management reports, and then request a demo to see what reports you should be using. 

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