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An Operations Director's Discovery of KPIs

Dude Solutions
  • Apr 30, 2014
  • 2 minutes

Recently, we contacted Terry Ryan, Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation for the Salinas City Elementary School District, to learn the secret ingredient to the great results we’re hearing about his district. During the call, Terry expressed an interest in learning our thoughts/perspective on how well they were performing and if we offered best practices for continual improvement. Lucky for Terry, we do! 

To give Terry and his Maintenance Supervisor, Darren Fort, the best view of their data, we offered them a KPI Review. During which, we walked them through each key performance indicator (KPI) on their KPI Dude Data Dashboard.

Terry was instantly blown away by the level of information it gave him. As we looked at each KPI, we discovered not only areas in which they were doing exceptionally well, but also areas where there was room for improvement.

For instance, Terry’s percentage of work orders requested from the requester portal, the MySchoolBuilding page, was only at 9% while the average school district performs at 50% and the top 20% of clients perform at 81%. He mentioned that most of his staff do enter their own work orders into the system as they complete them from requests being called in, or as they are pulled into the field. However, if he had his teachers submit their own requests that would result in less data entry for his staff, less phone calls, and teachers would be kept in the loop on their requests by email notifications. This sparked an ambitious goal for Terry to increase this percentage. 

Another favorite KPI we discovered was their percentage of work orders with labor hours. Terry and Darren have been encouraging their team to add their labor hours to each work order, they were pleasantly surprised to find they were at 77%, which is higher than the average school district at 33%, but not quite with the top 20% of school districts performing at 84%. Yet again, Terry set goals to improve. 

It was exciting to see the level of enthusiasm Terry and Darren showed during the KPI Review. Before we got off the call they were already printing their KPI’s to post for their team to see. It’s an awesome experience to witness clients, not only patting themselves on the back for how well they’re doing, but also helping them see things in another light and to continually strive for improvement. 

If you are interested in a KPI Review of your data with a Dude Solutions team member, contact us online.

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