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Q&A Series: CMMS

Grace Flack
  • Mar 28, 2018
  • 4 minute read

What is a CMMS?

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system and is computer software designed to help with maintenance management. A CMMS focuses on the creation, updating and reporting of data for maintenance, work and equipment. Alternate terms you may hear are IMMS for internet maintenance management system or IWMS for internet work management system. Request a demo to learn more.


How do you use a CMMS?

A CMMS or CMMS software can help with everything from work orders to preventive maintenance to inventory and more.

Several CMMS providers (like Dude Solutions) offer a cloud-based product, which ensures you are on the latest version and reduces IT impacts of installations, managing servers and data backups.

There are many ways to show how you need a CMMS, and we are here to help you show the value!

How do you implement a CMMS?

Dude Solutions has refined a highly streamlined implementation and communication process for our CMMS clients led by our Client Services team guiding you each step of the way. Our CMMS implementation process involves the following actions: assessing your needs, prioritizing a list of what should occur when and how, planning a cadence of tasks and communication, executing that plan, then maintaining your success with continual support.

The specific steps within that process include an orientation call, data collection and review; team training, product and feature training; and then help releasing the software to your organization. Once it's live, you will be assigned to a Client Success Representative to contact when you need help and to review your goals periodically.

We also offer on-site CMMS software implementation services to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

"Dude Solutions was the easiest to use and implement." -John Marquette, Director of Buildings and Grounds at Fellowship Bible Church


Why switch to a CMMS?

If you're using paper, sticky notes or Excel sheets to keep up with your maintenance tasks, inventory or assets, then you can increase your productivity by switching to a CMMS.

Switching from paper to a CMMS will allow you to:

  • Save time on maintenance tasks
  • Save money with preventive maintenance and improved asset management
  • Communicate more effectively with your department and others
  • Utilize your maintenance data to improve processes and justify decisions
  • Easily provide reports on your team's work


See it in action.


Do you need to be in IT to use a CMMS?

By no means! If you can search or shop online, or use a smartphone app, then you have the core skills to use our user-friendly CMMS. In fact, our CMMS is mobile, so it can be accessed on any device at any time.

"I've used three different maintenance management programs, and it was by far the easiest one to use. It’s the most user-friendly program that I’ve seen." -Bonnie Read, Parkland School District


Who uses a CMMS?

Maintenance and operations teams who are serious about being more efficient and making their work lives easier and more enjoyable. Just check out the many benefits of a mobile CMMS.

"Without a doubt, it’s made my job a lot easier." -Ben Nowak, Maintenance Supervisor at Aspirus Wausau Hospital


How do you convince your boss you need a CMMS?

There are many ways to show how you need a CMMS, and we are here to help you show the value!

Our clients have used any number of these tactics to get the OK for a CMMS:

  • Invite them to a personalized demo for our products
  • Make a list of the cons of your current system and pros of a CMMS
  • Put a dollar amount to your deferred maintenance (every $1 of deferred maintenance will cost $4 of capital renewal needs in the future) and demonstrate a strong ROI, or return on investment
  • Show them some of our case studies


How many resources does it take to manage a CMMS?

The size of your organization and the level of detail you wish to track will determine this answer. The beauty of an online CMMS is the ability to "crowdsource" information by allowing multiple users to enter new data, a smaller group of users to update data and the use of schedules or templates to autogenerate data. Some CMMS users have two full-time employees (FTE) to manage the system and some only use .5 FTEs.


How long does it take to implement a CMMS?

Again, the size of your organization and the level of detail you wish to track will determine this answer. What are your immediate vs. long-term goals? Do you wish to have a list of equipment? How many users will access the system and in what capacity? How extensive will your preventive maintenance schedules be? Core functions can be started with a few hours of time investment; highly-detailed accounts can take up to three months to fully set up. Imports of existing data will speed the implementation time; field services ensure quality and consistency of data.


What is the price of a CMMS?

Prices for a CMMS vary and may be based on square footage, rooms or beds, residents, users or other increments. To learn more about Dude Solutions pricing, schedule a demo to see the value of software for your organization.


What is the best CMMS?

When choosing a CMMS, you must also consider the company or partner you will be working with. You should make sure they have a history of offering exceptional products and a strong support team. At Dude Solutions, we have 10,000+ clients using our CMMS, as well as a 97% client satisfaction rate.

"If you’re looking to make your life more difficult, stick with what you’re doing. If you want to make your life easy, go with the Dude." -Brandon Fowler, Plant Operations Director at Canterbury Court

If you're interested in seeing how a CMMS could help you own your operations, schedule a personalized demo today!

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