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Riverview Retirement Community Honored with 2021 Dude Solutions Excellence Award

Katie Ross
  • Jun 14, 2021
  • 3 minutes

Riverview Excellence Award

At this year’s Virtual Dude University, we were excited to announce the winner of the 2021 Dude Solutions Excellence Award, which was given to the operations team at Riverview Retirement Community in Spokane, Washington! 

This team of 27 operations professionals manages such a continuing care retirement community of 164 homes, 135 apartments and a memory care unit across 35 acres fronting the Spokane River. They have utilized TheWorxHub™ for over eight years to manage and provide services to their residents and facilities.

Read more about how TheWorxHub helped them add to their staff.

The Excellence Award was established in 2020 to recognize operational excellence of a Dude Solutions client for their demonstration of utilizing our solutions to transform or significantly advance operations and organizational outcomes. This year, we were especially looking to recognize a client organization that demonstrated ingenuity and creativity during an exceptionally challenging year. Nominations were reviewed by a panel of employees from across Dude Solutions.

After reviewing nearly 50 submissions, the selection committee unanimously selected the work of Review Retirement, as they demonstrated stellar ingenuity in using Dude Solutions to solve big problems and positively impact their organization. TheWorxHub has allowed Riverview Retirement to change the culture from a reactionary model to a proactive and preventive approach, which ultimately saves the organization real money.

Benefits in the real world

With TheWorxHub, the team forecasts future needs and provides the highest level of service to their residents. One example they shared included the practice of entering large assets like trash compactors, industrial dryers, heating/cooling systems and generators into the TheWorxHuband assigning each asset with a bardcode. Work orders associated to each asset are linked, which allows them to quickly reference historical work and relevant costs. As a result, Riverview Retirement can determine the useful life of the equipment and ensure preventative maintenance takes place. 

Alysia Cross, Environmental Services Supervisor, further shared:

With this information we can then make better and more informed capital planning decisions, reduce the possibility of negative impact to our residents and staff through unexpected downtimes, and save the organization money with a proactive approach to avoid costly repairs.

The best outcome of all is that this partnership has helped transform Riverview Retirement’s culture from a reactionary to proactive model because of TheWorxHub’s ability to generate data showing the positive impact of the measures they’ve taken.

Riverview Retirement also uses TheWorxHub to increase the automation of work tasks, such as meter readings and surveys, which streamlines work for technicians, so they are spending less time entering work orders and more time getting the work completed. An example here included using a template in TheWorxHub to turn over resident rooms and apartments between occupants. The crew initially cleaning out a room could use an attached pass/fail survey to generate corrective work orders or follow-up tasks for other work crews. Technicians at varying steps in the process could easily manage the project. 

New workflow for monitoring supplies

And in a real display of ingenuity, Riverview Retirement created a new workflow to leverage TheWorxHub for billing and monitoring the consumption of clinical supplies on a level of resident use. 

When residents started renting equipment, such as wheelchairs, the team utilized TheWorxHub to bill for the rental fees while also tracking and scheduling maintenance and repairs, and accurately amortize the equipment for their financial team to anticipate budget to replace the equipment in the future. 

Please help us in congratulating the entire team at Riverview Retirement Community! 

We look forward to toasting Riverview Retirement’s win in person at Dude University 2022.

If you’d like to learn more about how TheWorxHub has made an impact at Riverview Retirement Community, check out their success story.

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