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Solve your manufacturing operations challenges

Empower your maintenance teams with a connected management software ecosystem, better insights, mobile capabilities and more and to keep your machines up and running smoothly.

An icon of a dollar bill to represent improved manufacturing profitability
Improve profitability

Increase productivity, efficiency and profitability while improving plant safety and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Maximize uptime

Schedule PM & PdM to reduce downtime, improve production quality and maximize your productivity.

A chart icon showing increased growth to show the extend life of a manufacturing asset
Extend asset life

Easily manage spare-parts ordering and inventory and extend the life of your machines with deeper data insights based on maintenance history for total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis.

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Go mobile

Manage all maintenance activity from any mobile device. Utilize photo/video capabilities and barcode scanning to track assets and data, order parts and manage inventory.

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Make smarter decisions

Utilize data insights to benchmark against other sites and justify resources for repair vs. replace decisions using configurable reporting tools, visual KPIs and charts.

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Enable IIoT integration

Harness the power of the IIoT to identify assets requiring maintenance and predict failure before they occur so you can maximize uptime.

An icon of a recycling bin to represent industrial waste reduction
Reduce waste

Conserve energy and eliminate waste with metrics and insights that help you operate more efficiently.

An icon of a clipboard with a checkmark that represents improved safety and compliance
Boost safety & compliance

Ensure a safe, well-maintained plant floor and improve risk management and compliance with tools for finding problems before they occur.


Create efficiencies, maximize uptime and control costs

Increase productivity, efficiency and profitability with our fit-for-purpose manufacturing CMMS.

  • Reach your manufacturing organization’s goals with our technician-friendly maintenance management system
  • Follow best practices around lean initiatives (like Six Sigma, TPM, etc.) to operate proactively with our flexible and dynamic workflows
  • Avoid the number one profit killer of downtime by reducing your break/fix cycles and automating preventive and predictive maintenance (PM and PdM)
Asset Essentials details
Asset Essentials manufacturing CMMS showing how users can submit requests easily via mobile devices


Extend the life of your assets

Drive reliability, production and service quality and stretch the life of your assets through real-time asset maintenance management.

  • Create better products with well-maintained assets that use less energy and creates less waste
  • Use enterprise-scale and mobile asset management that includes robust PMs, safety documentation, tasks and harnesses the power of IIoT (industrial internet of things)
  • Intelligently schedule preventive maintenance with team and contractors based on calendar or asset usage/meter readings
Asset Essentials details
Asset Manager manufacturing CMMS showing how users can access dashboards with detailed breakdown of work


Drive profitability through analytics, reporting and KPIs

Access and utilize robust maintenance operations data to optimize your assets and teams.

  • Analyze historical work order, part, asset and other data to drive cost reductions and predict failures before they occur
  • Build key performance indicators (KPIs) to set goals and track progress
  • Improve your machines’ overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through detailed insights
Asset Essentials details
Asset Essentials manufacturing CMMS showing how users can track work order assignments by individual and how users can track cost per work order


Maximize the productivity and morale of your team with streamlined work order management

Managing your team and work order process requires effective, robust yet easy-to-use work order management – whether at your desk, on the floor or anywhere you have a mobile device.

  • Track work order requests, routing, approvals and notifications, instantly on your desktop or mobile device
  • Prioritize work orders to optimize team and assets based on criteria like asset criticality, work order priority, staff availability, etc.
  • Address assets and alarms by using IIoT capabilities to better connect work and assets
Asset Essentials details
Asset Essentials manufacturing CMMS showing how users can prioritize work by status

Optimize Parts and Procurement

Efficiently manage your spare-parts inventory

Have the right parts, at the right time, at the right cost for all your preventive and corrective maintenance.

  • Manage your spare-parts inventory and requisition/procurement process within a flexible and configurable system
  • Avoid stock-outs (missing part when you need it the most)
  • Utilize a just-in-time (JIT) inventory process to help shorten lead-times, streamline ordering and control costs
Asset Essentials details
A list of parts in Asset Essentials manufacturing CMMS.


Stay safe and compliant to create a better work environment

Accessible compliance tools help keep your team safe and informed, vendors and customers happy, and ensure you can pass regulatory audits.

  • Manage all safety-related documentation (JSA, SDS, LOTO, PPE, etc.) for staff, assets and parts
  • Simplify adherence to regulatory requirements with PMs, audit trails, electronic signatures, robust security and more
  • Access OSHA-related incident tracking and reporting
Asset Essentials details
Asset Essentials manufacturing CMMS safety procedure list

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