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Dude Solutions Honors Curtis Orndorff with 2020 Excellence Award

  • Tuesday, May 05
  • 3 minute read

Curtis Orndorff Wins 2020 Dude Solutions Excellence Award  

We are thrilled to announce the first recipient of the Dude Solutions Excellence Award: Curtis Orndorff! Curtis is a longtime client and friend of The Dude and serves as the Manager of Building Maintenance at Frederick County Public Schools.  

The inaugural award recognizes operational excellence and innovation by an organization or individual that exhibits important core values of service, ingenuity, integrity and collaboration. Nominations were reviewed by a committee that included members of the Dude Solutions Client Advisory Board and two Dude Solutions executives – our Senior Vice President of Client Services and Chief Marketing Officer.  

Nominated for his outstanding work in managing the district’s maintenance and operations program over the last decade, Curtis led Frederick County Public Schools to maintain a preventive-maintenance-to-corrective-maintenance ratio of 43% compared to a state-wide average of 11%. In addition to his technical prowess, Orndorff is a passionate leader committed to cultivating high-performing leaders and grooming the next generation of talent.  

Curtis was honored at our Virtual Dude University on May 5, 2020. And to ensure we properly celebrate him in person, we’ll be recognizing him on the main stage at Dude University 2021 in Raleigh, NC.

What Dudes had to Say...  

  • “It’s an honor to present Curtis with the 2020 Excellence Award. His contributions to Frederick County Public Schools and Dude Solutions alike has been vast and so appreciated by many. Curtis was selected from more than 30 submissions for his work and commitment to maintaining the optimal learning environment for every student, teacher and staff member that enters a building throughout the district. We are proud to be The Dude by his side and play a small part in positively impacting his community.” -Ed Roshitsh, Dude Solutions CEO  

  • “By sharing his vision for M&O at FCPS with peers, Curtis has made a meaningful impact on students and staff all over the county.” - Jed D.   

  • “Every interaction with Curtis is about how his organization can perform more efficiently with what they have and leveraging data to tell their story. He represents Fredrick Co well.  He is good people.” - Michael G.   

  • “Curtis has instilled a great work ethic, clarity for process and data into his team. FCPS is a model client to work with.” -Reid M.   

  • “Curtis is one of those rare and dedicated individuals who personifies public service. He has devoted his energies to his craft of maintenance, ensuring that our schools and kids stay safe, warm and dry and constantly pushing the envelope of doing more with less. He is creating a legacy with his dedication and service.” -Dan M.   

  • "This honor for Curtis is a long time coming. He has always pushed his team to strive for excellence and been the benchmark for the way K-12 organizations should be operating and maintaining their facilities. Curtis has always been an innovator in looking at facilities operations data by pinpointing where Frederick County Public Schools needs to target their efforts for improvement and how to justify their needs. He has challenged everyone around him to do their best and push the envelope every single day.” -Paul F.   

Congratulations, Curtis! t’s an honor to recognize you as the 2020 Dude Solutions Excellence Award winner! 

Hear more from Curtis on Ep. 117 of the Operate Intelligently podcast.

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