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Adams State University Client Success Story

Scott Travis, Director of Facilities Operations

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Alamosa, Colorado


4,100 students


Using a web-enabled CMMS that caused issues with data and service


Eliminated the need to maintain servers, improved reporting capabilities

Adams State University switches to Dude Solutions cloud-based software to eliminate the need to maintain servers and improve reporting

Many CMMS platforms claim to be on the web; however, most are just web-enabled rather than truly web-native. Web-enabled platforms require servers to run, while web-native, or cloud, platforms only require access to the internet. Scott Travis, the Director of Facilities Operations at Adams State University, experienced this difference first-hand.

When Scott came to Adams State University, the Facilities Department had a CMMS in place; however it was not administered correctly. “We didn’t have a functioning work order system and it was impossible for me to run reports without good data,” said Scott. Scott decided to switch to the web-enabled version of TMA in hopes of solving some of the challenges. However, WebTMA had a completely different interface, which caused navigation issues and still required the IT Department to maintain servers. “Our vendor charged for back-ups to switch our data over to the web-enabled version and there were still incorrect data issues,” Scott said. “Service also proved to be a challenge, leading to frustrations on both ends.”

Scott wanted a cloud-based solution that would not require maintaining servers and would make his department’s data easily accessible. “I had heard of Dude Solutions, so I decided to evaluate their cloud system - I loved it. My representative was easy to work with, and it had all the features we needed,” said Scott. He wanted the IT Department’s blessing before moving forward. “Our IT Department also loved that Dude Solutions was cloud-based, so they didn’t need to maintain servers to support it.”

While many systems can take 18 months to implement, The Dude’s cloud solution takes 30 days or less. “We had a smooth implementation process. The initial training and customer service was wonderful,” Scott said. They made a clean switch to The Dude by informing faculty that all requests must be submitted via Dude Solutions only. “We worked to train faculty and staff on a new culture – submitting work orders themselves rather than calling the office to do the data entry for them. Our old culture took a lot of time out of my team’s day,” said Scott.

My staff is now more efficient because they can close work orders from their phones while in the field.


He uses several of the solution’s reports, including aging and completed work order reports as well as cost reports. “I run cost analysis reports to charge the various groups at the end of each month for the supplies to fulfill work orders,” Scott added. “Navigation of the products and reporting are simple now. It’s so easy – every school should use Dude Solutions.”

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