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Heart of America Medical Center Client Success Story

Julie Tastad, Plant Operations Maintenance File Clerk

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Rugby, North Dakota


136,000 sq. ft. for all facilities


Lack of communication and transparency with paper system


Switch to a hospital-specific CMMS has improved efficiencies

For Heart of America Medical Center and Julie Tastad, Plant Operations Maintenance File Clerk, change is nothing new. She has been working at the medical center for eight years and has been in her current position for one and a half. Their medical facility offers a range of services to keep those in the surrounding and local communities from having to drive hours for care. The facilities include everything from ICU, assisted living, basic care, long-term care, hospice, EMS, a variety of outpatient services to a radiology department, full fitness center and more. They have several satellite clinics, as well.

When she started in her position, a method of organization was greatly needed. They initially used a paper system in which a hard copy of a work request would be sent in, routed through the maintenance department (often in an inconsistent manner) and they would then begin to work off of that to initiate a work order.

They tried work order software, however, this created some complexity in that everyone wasn’t using the system properly to submit requests. “You just didn’t know who to talk to,” Julie says. “It became a big time waste for the technicians to find who reported a given request. It was confusing both on my end and on the requester’s.”

A positive change for the team

They were then introduced to TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions, and they immediately knew it would be a better fit, especially with the easy-to-use mobile capabilities for maintenance management.

With a maintenance team consisting of seven technicians, a biomed technician, a manager and Julie, they are responsible for taking care of “just about everything” including moving furniture around, simple and major repairs, painting, snow removal, and planned maintenance.

Julie was looking forward to using both the Maintenance and PO & Inventory modules of TheWorxHub to set up planned maintenance tasks and improve their reporting to help with things like repair vs. replace decisions.

It’s a lot easier for the technicians to see the details of their work orders.


She also appreciates how easy it is for a requester to put in a work order on any computer under their login information, and that it comes straight to the maintenance department. This eliminates the excuse of not having enough time or not knowing how to submit a request.

“We see a lot of benefit with [TheWorxHub]. Our work order system has completely turned around,” Julie says. ”The turnaround on work orders is faster now. The small work orders are done quickly and efficiently. The guys take what they need because they know where they’re going. It is pretty self-sufficient.

Mobile is ‘biggest time saver’

For the Heart of America maintenance team, the ease of using the mobile app for technicians is the most important aspect of the software. “That’s been our biggest time saver,” Julie says.

With the work orders documented, the plant operations manager can now start to see patterns in the data to help make decisions about equipment and assets, and it could even help them prove they need another technician in the future, Julie says.

At some point, they would like to put more compliance tasks in the system, such as fire and safety-related work. Within the facilities, many of the doors and machinery aren’t numbered or labeled in any way, so they will be working on labeling everything so new staff and contractors can identify where they need to be faster.

“I’m hoping that we’re going to be able to get reports properly organized and documented, so when a surveyor comes in the door we can be confident when printing them off and saying here you go,” she says.

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