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Iredell County, NC Client Success Story

Martin Perry, Energy Coordinator

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Iredell County, North Carolina


Population 159,437; 45 public buildings


Did not have a grasp of the cost of utilities for the county; it was difficult to aggregate the information to see the big picture


Savings of over $10,000 for just one building in the last year, which is enough to pay for the price of the system; overall, county utility expenses have dropped about 15%

“Dude Solutions’ energy management solution has been an invaluable tool. It has helped us realize the total cost of utilities for our county. It has raised the visibility of what we are paying for and which facilities are billed to us. This tool has given us the ability to benchmark our buildings, recognize improper billing, identify ineffective metering and to spot abnormal changes in consumption patterns.

Using this energy management tool, we were able to identify what facilities we needed to address using grant funds and subsequently measure and verify the savings from the improvement projects we implemented.

We’ve repurposed old buildings for offices that were built for other uses. Using the system, I was able to look at the utility charges for a hospital repurposed for office space and recognize several issues. I consolidated multiple water meters in the facility and saw immediate savings as a result in reduced facility charges and 20% less measured use. I also saw that we had meters in other buildings that the hospital used to pay for which were mistakenly put on our bill.

The savings from resolving these issues is $10,000 a year — that’s on one building without even reducing utility consumption.


I found where consumption was increasing in vacant buildings due to improper controls settings and failing equipment. Because we were monitoring our utility use, we quickly caught these things. In one case, such issues in one building could have cost us over $7,000 a year.

I enter our bills each month, and the system identifies anomalies before we pay the bills. For instance, I’ve been able to get improper late fees reversed. This system has made it possible for someone to have their eye on these things. It’s no longer that the bills come in and get paid without being scrutinized.

A very useful feature of the tool is the reports. I’ve provided numerous reports to our county commissioners and county manager. I can show them our savings and the impact of the projects we’ve done. I’ve also used the solution to identify ways for us to save on utility consumption with future projects."

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