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Northridge Church Client Success Story

Northridge Church – Craig Miller, Director of Buildings, Grounds and Facilities

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Plymouth, Michigan


Three buildings, 20,000 person congregation, 20 facility services staff of facility space


Needed a system to keep track of all work and become more proactive


Accountability is easily kept up with; everyone has eyes on what is going on and where

At Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan, Craig Miller, Director of Buildings, Grounds and Facilities, made the decision to implement Dude Solutions to help manage the church’s maintenance. Northridge Church has three buildings, a congregation of 20,000 people, and a facility services staff of 20.

Miller recognized that a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) was needed to keep all of the details of running the church organized in one place, “Everyone is busy and we’re open seven days a week. Nobody can possibly remember all of the day-to-day tasks that go in to running our church. We cover 90 acres of ground, from the top of the roofs to the bottom of the underground areas, and that is just the main campus itself. We host weddings, funerals, conferences, so we are always on the go and we need to be able to resolve issues quickly.”

After trying multiple other systems throughout the years, Miller decided to choose Dude Solutions.

“In my career, I have used 12 different systems and I knew we couldn’t run this organization without one, plain and simple. The other systems I looked at were high cost and the degree of difficulty was ridiculous. Dude Solutions’ customer service is what sets them apart; it’s like no one else’s. They don’t nickel and dime everyone for things that need to be done. All the other companies charge you for this and that – and it adds up.”

This church had never done anything even close to trying to implement and manage the workload through a new software system. Miller was responsible for getting all of the staff onboard with the new technology. He frequently talked about the system with his staff so everyone became familiar with the idea. “Implementation went smoothly. I explained to the staff that we were blessed to get to be more proactive when it comes to our facilities. If no one uses it then it fails, no matter what it is.”

Right after implementing, the maintenance management software helped Miller and his team with the daily struggle of getting stopped and asked to do something, where it can be easily forgotten or neglected. “Dude Solutions gets rid of all of the verbal request assaults. In the parking lot, email, in the hall—now I can tell them to put it into [the system]. If it’s that important, they will take the time to put it into the system.”

Not only has the system organized their work order request process, developed preventive maintenance (PM) tasks that in the past had been overlooked or forgotten as it was all stored to “tribal knowledge only," but it has helped them collect data to then draw answers from. 

Having a system is also about tracking all the work we are doing. If it isn’t in Dude Solutions, we have no record of it happening.

My question is always ‘How do you manage what you don’t measure?’ How many work orders have been done on a piece of equipment? How much time is spent on a certain craft? Do I need to hire another guy that has electrical skills? Where are the majority of work orders backing up? The answers to these questions would be near impossible to figure out without [this software].”

For Miller, Dude Solutions will provide insight into what is happening at each location, “Without Dude Solutions, there is no way I could track and report on what is going on at each of our locations. It makes us more accountable on the facilities side of things for each location. When I wake up, first thing I do after I have my coffee is turn on Dude Solutions and the last thing I turn off at night is Dude Solutions – it keeps us all in the loop.”

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