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Sunnyside Unified School District Client Success Story

Cindy Bova, Project Manager Energy Efficiency

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Tucson, Arizona


17,500 students


Overwhelmed with paper-based work order system, wanted to use internal system to save money


Improved work order system with reporting, justified using software with data and KPIs

Sunnyside Unified School District performs higher than peer districts on facilities KPIs

In 2002, Sunnyside Unified School District’s work order process, or lack thereof, was challenging for Cindy Bova, who was Custodial Supervisor at the time. The district had a triplicate paper process, resulting in work orders disappearing into a black hole. “Some requests got done, some didn’t – mostly, requests stacked up until a student or faculty member came in and requested the work be completed,” said Cindy. To alleviate these challenges, Cindy tested several different vendors. She recommended SchoolDude and the district has been using SchoolDude ever since, streamlining the process and increasing work order transparency.

However, years later, new management wanted to get rid of SchoolDude and use an internal system built by the district’s IT department to save money. Cindy knew this would be problematic. It would decrease incoming requests, limit reporting and put more burden on the IT Department to host this system on the district’s servers. “I knew I would need more than anecdotal evidence to make my case to the Business Office and Maintenance Leadership,” Cindy said.

Using SchoolDude’s data and reports available specifically on Sunnyside, Cindy demonstrated how well the maintenance team performs using SchoolDude’s platform. She used the district’s Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, to show how Sunnyside compares to other districts nationwide, data available only in SchoolDude. “I pulled total number of work orders we perform to show the amount of work the team handles regularly, work orders by trade, work orders completed by each employee and more,” said Cindy.

This data holds the team accountable.

Sunnyside’s KPIs are above the national average of their peers, and Cindy was able to show this progress and success to the CFO and leadership. For example, the district completes 66% of its work orders in less than 1 week, which is above the national average for districts and a great measure of efficiency. “Showing this data rather than telling them why we need to keep SchoolDude made a world of difference.”

The district is still using SchoolDude today. Cindy, Project Manager Energy Efficiency, is now responsible for the district’s strategic plan that tracks operational goals, and progress toward those goals. In the strategic plan available on the district’s website, she also uses SchoolDude’s KPI data to show goal progress and prove the hard work of the many teams across the district.

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