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University of Richmond Client Success Story

Paul Lozo, Assistant Director of Operations & Maintenance

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Richmond, Virginia

  • 40 trade technicians
  • 4,300 students
  • Legacy system that required the use of phone, email and fax for paper-based work orders

Increased efficiency and communication with mobile maintenance technology

University of Richmond Rolls Out New Wireless Maintenance Management Solutions

Like many universities using legacy maintenance management systems, University of Richmond used legacy software for years; however, its paper system no longer supported the school’s needs, nor did it comply with the school’s sustainability efforts. Phone, email and faxed work orders were cumbersome, and the assignment process was also inefficient. Supervisors manually assigned work orders via mailbox, and trade technicians had to return to the shops to receive their paper assignments.

Paul Lozo, Assistant Director of Operations and Maintenance, was charged with upgrading to a web-based maintenance management system that could support wireless devices in order to improve communication and customer service. After evaluating various wireless providers and maintenance solutions, Lozo decided to go with the iPad and SchoolDude’s MaintenanceEssentials. “After an on-site visit to another Virginia university, it was clear SchoolDude was the ideal solution – userfriendly and could be used with iPads,” said Paul.

Every technician received an iPad and SchoolDude conducted a series of trainings to ensure the technicians were comfortable with MaintenanceEssentials and the new work order process. MaintenanceEssentials’s routing rules allows the administrative assistants to proof all online requests, electronically assign them to supervisors, who then electronically route work orders to the appropriate trade technician. Technicians receive their assignments in real-time on their iPad and can complete orders efficiently.

MaintenanceEssentials has increased efficiency, allowing the team to communicate better and provide improved customer service. “Our customers love it! It allows them to view the status of their requests from submittal to completion,” Paul said. Technicians can easily communicate via iPad with their supervisors while on-site and even send pictures of equipment and other issues for quick answers. Even with 350 to 400 work orders received per week, phone requests have been reduced by 75%, freeing up time for administrative staff to focus on other tasks.

University of Richmond has become a model to other educational institutions. “Other institutions, even K-12 schools, are interested to see how we successfully executed both SchoolDude solutions and mobile device use simultaneously as they plan to do the same thing,” said Paul. “The rollout has been a huge success. The use of mobile technology sets a better image for our university to students, faculty and the greater community.”

The rollout has been a huge success.

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