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The Village of New Lenox Client Success Story

Matt Prynn, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor

4 mins

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Village of New Lenox, Illinois

  • Matt and his maintenance team needed a more efficient way to tackle work orders after realizing their Excel spreadsheet and paper records weren’t cutting it. With no historical data to draw upon, Matt also sought a way to begin tracking all of his operations and assets so he could gain evidence to justify further resource needs in the future.

The team logged 752 work orders in just five months and can now begin analyzing how many hours are being spent on projects. They’re gaining momentum on collecting the data they’ll need down the line to make cases about staffing, budget and more.

The Village of New Lenox Can Now Collect Valuable Data Thanks to Asset Essentials

When Matt Prynn, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor in New Lenox, Illinois, began his role, he quickly realized that the way the town’s maintenance department had been running was not sustainable. For starters, he had only two others on the team responsible for the operations of seven buildings. The department also didn’t have any official system in place for creating, distributing and tracking work orders — and there was little to no record-keeping on equipment.

The paper-and-pencil approach definitely wasn’t going to get them where they wanted to be, so Matt originally began logging work orders in an Excel spreadsheet after work had been performed. He soon realized, though, that there was just too much going on in their facilities for Excel to manage successfully. He knew there had to be a more structured way to handle work orders, and he wanted to get his assets into a system where he could collect data and create a preventive maintenance plan. Up until then, he had been trying to remember to put PM work on his Outlook calendar, but like Excel, it wasn’t fit for the task.

That’s when he sought out a reliable computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed specifically for tackling the M&O goals he’d been struggling with. When he found Dude Solutions Asset Essentials™, the software not only met his needs, but the choice was made even easier due to The Dude’s onsite implementation service. Through this service, two knowledgeable representatives traveled to Illinois to help Matt and his team get their system set up the way they needed, which proved to make a big difference.

“When they came onsite, it was awesome. The people who came out were great, and we ended up getting so far in advance of getting things done because we’d taken classes ahead of time. By the end of the first day, we were already entering PMs and parts on our own,” says Matt.

Five months into using the software, the difference is already super noticeable.

“Before, I didn’t have anything creating work orders."

Now being able to have it [Asset Essentials] create work orders for me and keep regular ones coming out every week, I don’t have to try to keep it in my memory or make sure I put it on my Outlook calendar.

“I can rely on the fact that it’s going to create work orders for me when they’re needed,” Matt says. The team has wasted no time since implementing the system, logging 752 work orders in just a few months, as well as 50 PMs. “The big thing for me going in was having all our PMs in place and trying to stay ahead of the game, which isn’t always easy when you’re by yourself or with just one other worker taking care of seven buildings and 180,000 square feet. I feel like we’ve gone a long way in a short period of time,” Matt says.

He’s not done there, though. The team is still working toward a couple goals they’re hoping to achieve soon.

“The main goal is to eventually, besides the occasional breakdown, have our normal day-to-day work be only PMs. The long-term is being able to track costs I’m putting into equipment, and to be able to show when I need more staff. Being able to track will help me justify that. I’ll be able to show, say, there’s three of us and this is how many hours we’re putting in on jobs so we need more staff. There’s so much information that can be tracked and this puts it at my fingertips.”

Matt contributes the turnaround his department is undergoing not only to Asset Essentials itself, but also to the support of Dude Solutions.

“I’m very pleased with Dude Solutions. The few times I have called, you guys were awesome working with me hand in hand from day one. I’ve always gotten help to get what I need done.”

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