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Wylie Independent School District Client Success Story

Wylie Independent School District

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Collin County, Texas

  • 17,200+ students
  • 20 campuses
  • 2.4 million square feet
  • Tracking in-depth energy data, organizing utility usage and reporting was difficult and complex.

The move to Energy Manager has resulted in more robust reporting and being able to make data-driven decisions for how to save energy and funds.

Wylie Independent School District Runs Award-Winning Program with Energy Manager™

Key Stats:

  • 20% reduction in energy usage with LED lighting project over 5 years
  • 10-30% reduction in energy and thousands saved during Cool Choices- The Wylie Way Game each year
  • Texas Energy Managers Association (TEMA) 2019 State Energy Project of the Year for Cool Choices program
  • 56% year-over-year utility cost savings during the COVID-19 shutdown efforts


With Facilities Manager Marcia Coker leading energy management initiatives, Wylie ISD is in very good hands.

From 22 years at the district to being a certified Master Texas Energy Manager (MTEM) to helping the district avoid thousands of dollars in utility costs, she excels at managing their energy and event programs.

“Marcia is the driving force behind all energy management and facility coordination for events,” says Jennifer DuPlessis, Executive Director of Operations at Wylie ISD. And with her experience and the right technology, this school district sure has made a difference when it comes to managing energy.

Growing in energy management

In 2008, all Texas school districts were required to track and report utility usage and costs, and that’s when they turned to Utility Direct by Dude Solutions.

“It’s a very simplistic system and provided an easy way to enter that data,” Jennifer says. “With a few short years, as energy management became more robust, it didn’t provide some of the more in-depth analytics that school districts need to measure.”

Marcia and Jennifer saw the opportunity to take the next step on their energy journey and shift some funds from a third-party contractor to invest in Energy Manager, Dude Solutions’ next generation solution for energy management. This allowed what started as a requirement around energy management to grow into many savings opportunities for Wylie ISD.

“It was a great benefit to us versus working with another contractor to attempt to provide that information,” Jennifer says. “It was our answer for how we can upload bills, we can pull reports, we can automate reports and we can do the analysis we want to do pretty easily – without taking time from people who are already tasked with other things.”

“As you start to evolve as an energy manager, you start connecting the dots,” Marcia says. “You’re only as good as the information you put in the [energy management] system. Energy Manager helped us make sure that data was more accurate. The reporting feature is what blew me away with how beneficial it is.”

After switching from Utility Direct to Energy Manager, they immediately saw the benefits. One thing they realized early on was they were able to prove use and cost reductions more clearly. 

“We can budget within Energy Manager in advance. It helps us to build a budget based on historical usage, as well as anticipated construction. Then, we can better diagnose issues at campuses.”


The ease of use was critical, as well.

“The reporting and the ease of the reporting was much more organic — and that’s what we needed,” she says. 

If you understand energy management 101, it’s really easy to use.


It was also critically important to Marcia that she get to spend time truly managing energy instead of just entering bills or data. “Once you’ve got everything set up on the bill entry side, it really takes a fraction of time to enter it. That has made it much more flexible,” she says.

The Wylie Way of results

Reporting, conservation and savings go hand in hand for Wylie ISD – and Energy Manager helps them connect those facets. “Some of the things that we want to know is year-over-year, how are we doing?” Jennifer says. “Ten to fifteen years ago, our [electricity and water] costs were three to four times what they are now. Cost alone doesn’t tell us the whole story. We want to look at our usage and demand.” Looking at their utility and energy data, here are some outstanding results: • 20% reduction in electricity use from 2015-2019 with LED lighting project (10.89 to 8.61 kWh/sq. ft.)

  • Saved 12,964 kWh of electricity (enough to power two homes for one year), $1,400 and 19,447 lbs. of CO2 in 2018
  • ~56% reduction in utility usage since March 2020 and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

One of the ways that Wylie ISD has promoted energy savings is through their month-long Cool Choices- The Wylie Way Game energy savings competition. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, more than 300 employees participated to complete energy-saving actions as teams. This has helped Wylie ISD see a 10-30% reduction in energy usage during the competition each year, and it helped them win the 2019 State Energy Project of the Year by Texas Energy Managers Association (TEMA).

“Our staff is starting to see the bigger picture, that everything I do as a building occupant does have an effect on its efficiency,” Marcia says. “Before Energy Manager, I was working a lot in Excel spreadsheets. Now I can pull that from Energy Manager in seconds. Having those reports and graphs is elevating the conversation and moving us to be a much more sustainable district than before.”

Single-Stream Recycling & Green Team

Another award-winning project at Wylie ISD was implementing single-stream recycling. The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling awarded Wylie ISD the Linda B. Smith Memorial Award for Outstanding Environmental Youth Education and Outreach Program Honorable Mention for its single-stream and food waste recovery initiatives.

Marcia says she couldn’t complete projects like this or own energy management holistically without the help of her Green Team. The Green Team is an energy committee composed of a representative from each of their buildings. They meet periodically to discuss energy initiatives.

“The Green Team’s goal is to foster awareness and influence subtle, but effective behavioral practices that relate to utility consumption. The more money we save in utility costs means there is more money for the classroom,” Marcia says.

Marcia uses reporting from Energy Manager to inform the Green Team and the school board through periodic reports.

“It’s been great having the tools available to me to educate our energy committee and move away from talking about dollars and total consumption to how efficient we are,” Marcia says. “Energy Manager allows you to answer critical questions like ‘what are we doing right?’”

“Ultimately, our goal with our board is to communicate a sense of fiscal responsibility to our taxpayers,” Marcia says. “If we can do our part at impacting our energy demand and usage, there’s more money that translates to programs, teachers and salaries and maintaining that momentum of being a top-rated school district.”

Jennifer says this is all a part of Marcia’s goal to create a culture of conservation at Wylie.

“Marcia has created a culture here that this is what we do. We do it because we make the right decisions for the kids and the community,” Jennifer says.

Future Wins with The Dude

Marcia recently attended virtual Dude University (the virtual version of our annual user conference) and left with new ideas for how they want to use Energy Manager in the future, including:

  • Cost avoidance report- The ability to plug in projects and overlay them on a cost avoidance report to see progress and project impacted savings.
  • Interval Data Recording- This could allow them to see near real-time utility data and identify usage spikes and act before it appears on next month’s bill
  • COVID-19 reporting- She hopes to look at their usage during COVID-19 and related savings from shutting facilities down to help her start the conversation around summer utility usage on their campuses.

Marcia says they’ve decided to continue to work with Dude Solutions because of the innovation and partnership.

“We’ve used Energy Manager because I’ve seen [Dude Solutions’] commitment to improving the products and making them much more robust,” Marcia says. “If there is something that isn’t in the system, we can pitch it to the Dude Solutions staff and have them investigate it.”

Jennifer echoes that by saying: “It’s nice to feel like we have a good solution, but we also have a good partner.”


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