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Is Age Really Just a Number? (Ep. 58)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 58
  • 22 mins

Bob and Tony are joined by a special guest, Mary Beth Ormiston, to talk about age in the workforce. Is it really just a number or does it differentiate us? Learn more about how age can affect the way you work and the key to finding synergy within the diverse range of ages in the workforce today.


  • Why there is such a range of ages in the workforce
  • How our quality of life has changed
  • Communication differences from millennials to the silent generation
  • How to learn from all ages
  • Facing the challenge of how we integrate
  • Technology is the common denominator between all of us
  • You can learn from all ages
  • Don’t be afraid of change – move forward, not backward
  • How to embrace the diversity in ages in today’s workplace
  • How can you leave a legacy
  • Different generations hold the key to the castle
  • How to get to know each other: Spend time with others outside of your age range in your workplace, share a meal, learn each other’s’ passions and gain respect that way

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