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Pepsi Bottling Ventures Client Success Story

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC

3 mins

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North Carolina

  • PBV was using an outdated, paper-based system that took up a large amount of man-hours, while making it difficult to be efficient when executing work orders. There was no way to utilize information to monitor and report on trends that could help them minimize waste and improve productivity.

With Dude Solutions, PBV is now able to understand where money is spent, increase work orders and improve accuracy, while giving technicians an easy to use platform that was implemented quickly. PBV additionally gained significant time and labor savings almost immediately after getting up and running on the solution.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures Gains Significant Time and Labor Savings with Dude Solutions Work & Asset

Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV) is the largest privately-held bottler for Pepsi-Cola products in North America – manufacturing, selling and distributing some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands. Pepsi Bottling Venture’s Garner, NC facility has an impressively large building with a great number of machines and moving parts. Whether bottles are being air blown, filled, closed or labeled, they are always moving at fast speeds throughout the facility, making various different types of sodas, teas and water. So it’s no surprise that they have over 76,000 work orders in their maintenance management system to date.

This wasn’t always the case, though. In fact, initiating work orders used to be much more complex when PBV was using green sheets, essentially a paper system with spreadsheets, and manually handing them out. One employee had to spend about 20 hours per week organizing and managing these. The process became so tiresome and tedious that PBV knew they needed to make a change.

They decided to switch to Dude Solutions’ manufacturing work and asset management software largely for its seamless implementation and ease of use. “The transition was quick and easy. Dude Solutions means a lot to us,” explains Dale Stein, Plant Engineer of PBV. PBV has never had an easier way to create work orders, and now that it’s using our software, the plant can also see how much they are appending on specific equipment and projects. The ability to plan parts orders based on historical trends is another huge benefit that PBV sees from using the platform. It is now only a click of a button to understand where money in the facility is spent.

“Dude Solutions has helped us better maintain equipment by clearly demonstrating when a change in maintenance frequency is necessary and the ability to add tasking is immediate.” Another advantage is that inventory is automatically taken out using the system and flagged to reorder.

When PBV decided to integrate Dude Solutions into their facility as a permanent improvement to their maintenance strategy, they also integrated the use of tablets. The tablets provide a second way for technicians to enter work orders and they can choose which way they prefer. This option allows technicians to find an easy way for them to do their job and look at the tools in the platform in their preferred way. The software-loaded tablets provided PBV with better visibility, a user-friendly option, and ultimately increased the amount of work orders done while eliminating lost work orders completely.

Dude Solutions has become a part of our equation for success.


"They are always coming out with new updates and integrating the feedback we give them. We consider them a partner and look forward to future successes together,” says Tom Wiza, Plant Manager and VP of Operations.

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