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Get to Know Our New CEO! (Ep. 62)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 62
  • 23 mins

Give a warm welcome to Ed Roshitsh, a new voice to the podcast and the new CEO of Dude Solutions. Listen in to learn more about Ed (the runner, reader and writer), his pickup truck, hobbies, as well as his vision for our company and clients with some interesting thoughts on change management.

In Episode 62, you’ll learn:

  • What type of truck Ed has and what it is named
  • How much do you have to run to be an ultra-marathoner?
  • More about his transition to CEO and what part our former leaders will play in the future
  • What companies Ed has led before, including Blackbaud and PointClickCare
  • Continuing our mission to help behind-the-scenes heroes
  • How our company will pivot to arm clients with more data for better decision-making
  • What sets our company apart to make a difference for our clients
  • How to make technology accessible by driving simplicity and harnessing IoT
  • How Ed is getting up to speed on the business by listening and asking questions
  • How to effectively manage change
    • Plant seeds early and socialize the change
    • Gather a wide variety of opinions and thoughts
    • Evolution not revolution change
    • Moving on if you make the wrong change
  • What Ed thinks about the Dude name
  • How far Forest Gump ran in the movie


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