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Gov Gab: Town of Cary, NC (Ep. 1)

Brian Ondrako

  • Episode 1
  • 37 mins

About Mayor Harold Weinbrecht

At first glance, Harold Weinbrecht seems like just another person from Cary. He’s a husband and a father, and he holds down a full-time job (in software, of course). He teaches Sunday school and loves to play tennis and run.

What makes Harold Weinbrecht just a little bit different from the rest of the men in Cary is that he’s also the Town’s Mayor. But in Harold’s family, even being Mayor isn’t so unique. Mayor Weinbrecht’s uncle was former Mayor Fred Bond. Clearly, service runs in Harold’s family.

A native of Augusta, Georgia, Harold has spent most of his life in Cary, coming here first as a child with his family then later as an adult while attending NC State University. Since their marriage in 1987, Harold and his wife, Belinda, have lived and raised their two daughters in Cary. And over these many years, Harold and his family have stayed in Cary because of its charm and sense of place, its natural beauty and its people.

Wanting to keep Cary the wonderful place he’s called home for so long, Harold became active in politics in 1997 when he helped start a website called Citizens for Balanced Growth where he wrote about Town government meetings and issues. It was during this endeavor that he discovered that there were many people interested in the same things as he: a slower growth rate; a stronger focus on roads, parks and schools; and an increase in communication between citizens and their government.

In 1998, Harold was chosen as the first chairman of the Town Council’s newly formed Information Services Advisory Board, and in 1999, he was named to the Town’s Planning and Zoning Board. 

Harold ran and was elected to the Cary Town Council for the first time in 1999 as an At-Large representative. 

Then, and now as Mayor, Harold believes that the role of local government is to maintain a high quality of life for its citizens by providing crucial infrastructure and valuable amenities. And then as now, faith, family and hard work are the things that keep Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht grounded and in touch with the real issues Cary citizens face each day. Mayor Weinbrecht remains committed to managing growth, and he also believes in an open government where citizens have a strong and relevant voice.

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