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One Bite at a Time... (Ep. 15)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 15
  • 17 mins

You made it through Monday, so you know what that means… It’s DudeCast Tuesday!

Join Bob “Papa Dude” Bittner and Tony Butler as they discuss preventive maintenance and try to answer the age-old question of "How do you eat the elephant that is your PM program?" The answer is simply one bite at a time, but Bob and Tony will walk you through what those beginning steps might look like and how to only break off those small pieces that will make it a manageable process. Have you prioritized your work? Do you track Life Safety? Do you know what equipment you are working with? Are you tracking your progress? And those are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling.

Take a few minutes this week to listen and learn how to stop reacting and start preventing!

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