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Synchronize the people & systems that underpin great patient care

Our cloud-based biomedical asset management platform provides workflow optimizations that ensure clinical engineers and technicians can focus on what they do best.

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Streamlined efficiency and documentation for clinical engineers and technicians

Give your teams easy-to-use tools to address clinical priorities, stay compliant and improve information sharing across your organization.

  • Unite biomed and facilities across locations and boost efficiency with standardized processes
  • Tackle compliance proactively with intuitive, asset-based workflows
  • Prioritize work and better allocate staff time with built-in tools
  • Boost morale and accuracy — capture and access information as they walk the job

Work at peak efficiency, with maximized uptime

Keep your teams organized and doing their best, uninterrupted work, just like the 281,000+ other users who enjoy 99.9%+ uptime with TheWorxHub.

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Automate compliance and related asset workflow

Put intuitive, standardized tools into your teams’ hands that help them automate work assignments, track maintenance, handle asset intake and comply with The Joint Commission standards.

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Make better decisions, based on up-to-date asset data

In my mind, that’s one of the most important things about a CMMS system — that you are able to track back to that asset and see its history since you’re basing a lot of your decisions on that.

Jason Kohlbeck

Director of Facilities and Clinics

Aspirus Wausau Hospital

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