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Craighead County, AR Client Success Story

Erin Johnson, GIS and Technology Coordinator

3 mins

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Craighead County, AR

  • Population 96,443
  • Managing mountains of paperwork, time-consuming reports, hard to find historical data and inefficient printed work orders were bogging down Erin and his team.

Using Dude Solutions as their partner, Erin and team are now able to use mobile devices to initiate, track and complete work orders. Reports that used to take days to pull together, now can be pulled in a matter of seconds.

Craighead County, AR Gains Efficiency with Mobile Workforce

What made you choose Dude Solutions?

After hearing from other Dude Solutions customers about their success using The Dude for a mobile workforce, we knew this was the product we wanted to bring us to that next level. It only took watching one demonstration with the Dude team to convince us. They were ready for every question we threw at them. This product is built by a team that understands what it takes to make a mobile workforce work.

What business challenges were you facing when you began your search for a solution?

We were focusing too many hours on creating reports, along with mountains of paperwork. After creating tasks, we would then have to print paper maps and work orders to guide our employees not only to the job site, but to what type of work needed to be done. Out of a 10-hour work day, the first hour was spent guiding our team on what their day’s activities would be. We also had to figure out a way to put a price on the job that had taken place. It was hard to circle an area on a printed map and say we have put X amount of dollars into this area over the last several years.

How did Dude Solutions help you solve these business challenges?

Now, we can send a work order out to each crew or individual employee’s mobile device. These mobile work orders allow them to see job location and what tools will be needed. Also, it now only takes a couple of clicks for me to pull a variety of reports. I can either custom create these reports or use the default reports that come built in (which truly cover the gamut of what I was having to manually put together in the past). 

If I need to know the cost of materials for the whole month a few months back, that report builds in a matter of seconds and is at my fingertips to share digitally or can be printed.

Moving forward, we can see a visual workflow of where our efforts have been placed and where they have not.

How has Dude Solutions impacted your work life?

It has given me an opportunity to see our employees grow in their use of technology. Some of our workforce has never used a mouse or a mobile phone. Now they have the tools to expand their knowledge and give insight to our company that they did not have before. Empowering our employees to use technology has been a game changer.

What else has Dude Solutions helped you achieve?

Dude Solutions has definitely helped us move forward as a company to be more transparent to our stakeholders. In county government, those stakeholders are our tax payers. We can now provide detailed and accurate information in minutes instead of days.

What three things would you tell someone considering Dude Solutions’ products?

  1. I can think of no other product in this day and age that ties into mobile functionality and desktop technology so seamlessly.
  2. Dude Solutions’ on-site training is second to none. They are experienced and comfortable in working with not only the CEOs and administration, but the blue-collar workforce that keeps this county, state and country moving forward.
  3. June 7 was the day Craighead County business changed for the better once we went live, and there is no looking back. Every employee takes part in using Dude Solutions and benefits this company as a whole. It has brought out the best in our team and continues to improve our operations daily.

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