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Drahtzug Stein usa Client Success Story

Drahtzug Stein USA

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New Bern, North Carolina


Drahtzug Stein usa was using a paper-based system without any ability to make quick data-driven maintenance decisions from it.


With Dude Solutions, Drahtzug Stein usa is able to calculate downtime costs much more effectively, ensuring the maximum uptime and capacity for production is achieved.

Drahtzug Stein usa in New Bern is a subsidiary of a German manufacturing company that produces several different components involved with the bending, cutting, and assembly of wire such as dishwasher baskets for the home appliance industry. Drahtzug Stein usa’s North Carolina operations used to be run by a simple paper-based system. The knowledge gap caused by a lack of a CMMS system was evident and Drahtzug Stein usa knew that it was time to implement one as a necessary component in improving their overall maintenance strategy. After researching different products, Drahtzug Stein usa decided that Dude Solutions would be the best fit for their production based on their requirements of simple implementation, reasonable price and ease of use.

The Dude Solutions platform allowed them to learn that the current equipment was using up a higher amount of maintenance dollars which led to a modification of two machines. Decisions like these are now possible with the Dude Solutions’ platform thanks to the quick reporting features it offers, as well as the possible downtime calculations that take not only part cost, but also labor into account.

In addition to the many benefits the company has experienced by automating their maintenance operations, Jack, Maintenance Manager, also praises Dude Solutions’ Legendary Support Team. “Every time I talk to anybody from Dude Solutions, they are extremely friendly and helpful. It is evident that the team is very caring and I always enjoy working with them.”

Monica Fernandez, Maintenance Administrator, attends the Dude Solution’s yearly user conference (Dude University) and finds that “I learn a lot from the other companies who are there. Everyone uses the platform in different ways and because it’s so versatile, a lot of times I find new ways to improve how I use it or what it can do. The system is powerful, and I look forward to attending the conference again in 2017 to see what else we can improve on and what updates there are.”

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